Hello from us at NK




Welcome to my brand new site! If you're here you know that we have finally launched our business. I have been working hard for a long time now to guarantee that I can supply you with the best of the best. You have my word that we will sell you nothing but quality products!


Above all, we want to have a relationship with our customers. I want our customers to be unafraid of telling us when something is right or wrong. If you want to give me feedback, ask me questions, or just have a chat, please do contact me and I will look after you. 


We look forward to serving both amateur and professional taxidermists and wildlife artists as best we can. 


Thanking you, 


Image shows Jessica, NK Taxidermy Supplies owner, and her father, David, North Kerry Taxidermy owner. On their right, a table of Jessica's stock, and on their left, a banner advertising NK Taxidermy Supplies.
Father and daughter Dave and Jessica at the first Irish National Taxidermy Championships